Resolution: Cincinnati supports aggressive efficiency measures

Expressing the support of the Cincinnati City Council for the state of Ohio's Energy Efficiency Resource Standard, the City of Cincinnati supports the full implementation of the Ohio Energy Efficiency Resource Standard as adopted with bipartisan support in 2008 and that the City of Cincinnati encourages investor owned electric utilities, especially those operating within Southwest Ohio, to take all cost-effective opportunities to meet and exceed the state’s Energy Efficiency Resource Standard.


October 2020 Letter to Whole Foods

Today, we face a plastic pollution crisis that threatens wildlife, wild places, and the health and wellbeing of our communities.  Whole Foods’ efforts to reduce its plastic footprint, which include recycling and lightweight plastic initiatives, must be expanded to remove single-use plastic items from its shelves.


Testimony in Defense of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative

On January 22, 2014, Environment New Hampshire's Madeline Page and Travis Madsen gave oral and written testimony before the New Hampshire House Energy, Science and Technology Committee in support of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Full written testimony below: