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New TV Ads Highlight Sutton, Stivers Votes on Clean Air and Public Health

With Congress waging an all out assault on the Clean Air Act, a new television ad campaign in Ohio launched yesterday highlights the public health impact of votes taken by Reps. Betty Sutton and Steve Stivers regarding clean air standards. 
Though both Sutton and Stivers are the subjects of the campaign, they are being singled out for different reasons. Sutton is praised for her courageous stand against the polluters and for air pollution safeguards while Stivers is being rapped for his numerous votes to protect polluters and endanger public health.

News Release | Environment Ohio

Senators Propose Comprehensive Bill To Get Off Oil

The week before Americans celebrate Independence Day, Senators Jeff Merkley, Tom Carper, Michael Bennett and Tom Udall have introduced the Oil Independence for a Stronger America Act.  Environment America’s Staff Attorney Daniel Gatti issued the following statement in response:

“It is time to declare our independence from oil.  The cost of our oil dependence has grown out of control, from the outrageous prices we pay at the pump, to the pollution endangering our health and contributing to global warming, to catastrophic events like the Gulf Oil Spill. We applaud Senators Merkley, Udall, Bennett and Carper for their leadership with this broad plan to move away from oil and its disastrous consequences.

News Release | Environment Ohio

Secretary Salazar Announces Important Step toward Protecting the Grand Canyon from Toxic Mining

Today, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar announced that the Department of the Interior has chosen the withdrawal of one million acres of land around Grand Canyon National Park from new mining claims for up to twenty years as the agency’s preferred course of action and that it would continue to protect these areas under an emergency withdrawal until the release of a final decision, expected at the end of the year. Environment America’s Anna Aurilio issued the following statement:

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Nuclear Power Regulators Find Faults in U.S. Nuclear Emergency Preparedness

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) held a public meeting today to release the 60-day findings of the NRC task force reviewing NRC processes and regulations in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear meltdowns.  The review found faults in plant preparedness systems and the regulations that prescribe the extent of those systems.  For example, the review highlighted the fact that ‘Severe Accident Management Systems’ are inconsistently implemented across the country.  The NRC has continued its licensing and re-licensing of nuclear reactors without any new protections against disasters.

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Ohio’s Clean Energy Report Card highlights state’s success in wind, solar, and energy efficiency.

Ohio is reaping the benefits of clean energy, according to a new report by Environment Ohio, Ohio’s Clean Energy Report Card: How wind, solar, and energy efficiency are repowering the Buckeye State. Two years into the implementation of the state’s Clean Energy Law, which sets standards for both renewable energy and energy efficiency, Ohio is saving enough electricity each year to power 43,000 homes, among other significant benefits.