News Release | Environment Ohio

Clean Cars Would Cut Oil Use, Save Ohioans $10.5 Million on Thanksgiving Travel

As Ohioans prepare for one of the busiest travel holidays of the year, and just days after the Obama administration proposed new fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks, a new Environment Ohio report finds that more fuel efficient cars would make significant cuts in oil use and save Ohioans roughly $10.5 million at the gas pump this Thanksgiving alone. The report was released following the Obama administration’s 11/16 announcement of proposed new fuel efficiency and global warming pollution standards for cars and light trucks sold from 2017 through 2025. 

News Release | Environment Ohio

New Data Shows Ohio Power Plants Emit 2nd Most Mercury Pollution Nationally

Ohio’s power plants emit more mercury pollution than power plants in 48 other states, according to brand new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data outlined in Environment Ohio’s latest report, Ohio’s Biggest Mercury Polluters. The report found that, in total, power plants in Ohio emitted 4,218 pounds of mercury pollution in 2010.  Environment Ohio’s report comes as EPA is set to finalize a standard to limit mercury and other toxic air pollution from power plants next month.

News Release | Environment Ohio

Senator Brown Votes to Protect Public Health

To the disappointment of major polluters, today the U.S. Senate defeated Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s bid to allow more soot and smog-forming pollution from power plants. SJ Res 27. Sen. Paul’s legislation would have put 3,209 lives at risk every year in Ohio alone. Senator Brown stood up for public health and voted against this dangerous proposal.

News Release | Environment Ohio

New TV Ads Highlight Sutton, Stivers Votes on Clean Air and Public Health

With Congress waging an all out assault on the Clean Air Act, a new television ad campaign in Ohio launched yesterday highlights the public health impact of votes taken by Reps. Betty Sutton and Steve Stivers regarding clean air standards. 
Though both Sutton and Stivers are the subjects of the campaign, they are being singled out for different reasons. Sutton is praised for her courageous stand against the polluters and for air pollution safeguards while Stivers is being rapped for his numerous votes to protect polluters and endanger public health.

News Release | Environment Ohio

Senators Propose Comprehensive Bill To Get Off Oil

The week before Americans celebrate Independence Day, Senators Jeff Merkley, Tom Carper, Michael Bennett and Tom Udall have introduced the Oil Independence for a Stronger America Act.  Environment America’s Staff Attorney Daniel Gatti issued the following statement in response:

“It is time to declare our independence from oil.  The cost of our oil dependence has grown out of control, from the outrageous prices we pay at the pump, to the pollution endangering our health and contributing to global warming, to catastrophic events like the Gulf Oil Spill. We applaud Senators Merkley, Udall, Bennett and Carper for their leadership with this broad plan to move away from oil and its disastrous consequences.