Environment Ohio
Kim Wendel

CLEVELAND -- Ohio's power plants emit more mercury pollution than power plants in 48 other states.

That's according to new U.S. Environmental Protection Agency data outlined in Environment Ohio's latest report, Ohio's Biggest Mercury Polluters: How Cleaning Up Power Plants in the State and Across the Nation Will Protect Our Health.

Additionally, 8 of the top 100 most polluting power plants for mercury are in Ohio. The report found that in total, power plants in Ohio emitted 4,218 pounds of mercury pollution in 2010.

The top 10 states are: Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Indiana, Alabama, West Virginia, North Dakota, Kentucky and Michigan.

Environment Ohio's report comes as EPA is set to finalize a standard to limit mercury and other toxic air pollution from power plants next month.

"Parents in Ohio shouldn't have to worry that their children's bodies are toxic dumping grounds," said Paul Rolfe, Field Associate for Environment Ohio. "The Environmental Protection Agency is moving forward to protect our children's health from toxic mercury pollution, and we can't let big polluters stand in the way."