Environment Ohio
WKBN 27 Youngstown
Jeff Levkulich

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) - The oil and gas industry in Ohio is booming but with the riches come the spoils. In this case, it's the brine. The toxic waste water is a necessary by-product in the process, and Ohio is a popular dumping ground.

Reports show 60 percent of the brine that is injected in Ohio originates in other states.

If you travel Interstate 80 near the state line, you will see a daily influx of tanker trucks coming into Ohio; the majority from our neighbors in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Their destination is one of almost 200 class two injection wells in Ohio where they dispose of their cargo-brine water.

Christian Adams with Environment Ohio submitted a report ‘Fracking by the Numbers.” The report compiles data on the key impacts of the shale drilling industry here. The group claims Ohio law is not tough enough and is allowing the industry to destroy the environment.

“We have become a regional dumping ground for the oil and gas industry associated with fracking waste,” said Adams. “It takes much less time to permit a new injection well in Ohio than it typically does in our neighboring states, which is why we think the oil and gas industry has targeted our state as their best option and cheapest option for disposing of this toxic waste.”

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