Webinar discusses nation’s electric school bus potential

The trip to school shouldn’t come with a side of toxic emissions. 

The trip to school shouldn’t come with a side of toxic emissions. 

That’s why, on Aug. 25, Environment America co-hosted the webinar, “Back to School with Electric Buses,” with U.S. PIRG. The webinar featured panelists from Montgomery Public Schools and Highland Electric Fleets — the successful partners of our nation’s largest electric bus fleet — and outlined a path school districts could follow to electrify their bus fleets. With 95% of school buses in the United States still fueled by diesel, electric buses would significantly reduce the diesel pollution tied to asthma, climate change and more. 

“Kids deserve a safe ride to school, not a daily dose of toxic pollution,” said Environment America Global Warming Solutions Associate Eve Lukens-Day. “Electric school buses not only protect kids’ health today, but they would also ensure a safer future tomorrow.” 

The webinar also spoke to the findings of a February Environment America and U.S. PIRG report, which provided a roadmap for adopting an electric bus fleet. 

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Here’s one step we can take right now: Transition to all-electric public and school buses.

Photo credit: woodleywonderworks via Flickr, CC BY 2.0