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Driving Cleaner

More than 220,00 electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles are on America’s roads today, delivering real benefits for our health and our environment, according to a new report released today by Environment Ohio. In just the last two years, annual sales of electric vehicles have increased by 500 percent.

News Release | Environment Ohio

Gov. John Kasich Rolls Back Ohio’s Commitment to Clean Energy

On Thursday, Gov. John Kasich signed SB310, a special interest-backed bill to undo Ohio’s historic commitment to clean energy. This major setback comes on the cusp of Ohio ramping up the state’s investment in local, sustainable, pollution-free energy. The bill halts Ohio’s renewable energy and energy efficiency programs for at least two years, in addition to permanently gutting key provisions of the law that have led to its success.

News Release | Environment Ohio

New Report Highlights Solar Energy in Columbus and Other Major U.S. Cities

Today, Environment Ohio was joined at the Department of Fleet Management Facility by Fleet Operations Manager Bill Burns, to release a new report, “Shining Cities:  At the Forefront of America’s Solar Energy Revolution.” The report provides a first-of-its-kind comparative look at the growth of solar power in major American cities. 

News Release | Environment Ohio

Clean Energy is Cutting Carbon Pollution in Ohio

Cleveland, OH – As public concern about extreme weather ramps up, Ohio is proving that we can win the fight against global warming. Clean energy policies, such as Ohio’s Clean Energy Law – Senate Bill 221 – and Federal Clean Car Programs, are significantly cutting emissions of carbon pollution – the leading cause of global warming – according to a new report by Environment Ohio Research & Policy Center. The report showed that a suite of state and federal clean energy policies implemented since 2007 reduced carbon pollution by at least 4.7 million metric tons in 2012. That is comparable to the annual emissions from nearly 1 million cars.

News Release | Environment Ohio

Global Warming has Winter Games Skating on Thin Ice

COLUMBUS – As the world turns its attention to the Sochi Olympic Games, Environment Ohio revealed a new factsheet summarizing global warming’s impacts on Winter Olympic sports, and highlighting the need to act urgently to reduce the carbon pollution fueling global warming.